Man Arrested in Sexual Predator Case

On Monday 4/14/14 a 15 year old boy reported to the Sheriff’s Office that he had received sexually suggestive and descriptive text messages from an unknown 26 year old male, who identified himself as Glenn Coco. The text messages described the man’s sexual desires for the 15 year old. Additionally the 26 year old sent the boy homemade pornographic videos of himself performing sexual acts and numerous suggestive photographs. The 26 year old initiated conversations with the boy and his desire to meet the boy. “Glenn Coco” began casual conversation several months earlier in an attempt to groom the boy into becoming his partner for sexual pleasure.

El Dorado County Detectives immediately began investigating the case against this sexual predator, who was targeting an unsuspecting youth in our community. The 26 year old was identified several days later as Glenn O’Rourke from Placerville. An arrest warrant was requested for O’Rourke through the District Attorney’s Office. With the assistance of the 15 year old boy, Detectives contacted O’Rourke using the boy’s cellular telephone and impersonated the boy. A meeting date and location was quickly established. O’Rourke never made it to meeting location. Detectives were in place and arrested O’Rourke without incident. He was later booked into the county jail and his bail is $250,000.00.

El Dorado County Sheriff John D’Agostini takes these types of cases extremely seriously. Sexual Predator cases are fully and completely investigated to keep our children and communities safe.

Detectives do not believe the 15 year old in this case is O’Rourke’s only victim. Anyone with information regarding O’Rourke (aka. Coco) is asked to call Detective Rich Horn at 530-642-4715.