The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office is implementing a new system for sending mail, documents, or photos to inmates. 

If you wish to send physical mail, documents, or photos to inmates in our custody, we have a quicker and more efficient method using our Inmate Messaging system.   

You just go to www.NCIC.com and set up an account. You can then easily send messages to an inmate for instant delivery.  You can also take a picture of any documents and attach them to these messages.  Messages are only $0.25 per message and Picture Messages / Documents are only $0.35 per picture. This is much cheaper than postage, envelopes and the time it takes to mail a letter and the inmate will receive the message and/or picture instantly. There will be no limits on how many messages and photos can be sent to the inmates. 

Beginning November 13, 2023, inmate physical mail must be mailed to the following address: 

Inmate Name 
Booking number# 
El Dorado County Jail 
PO BOX 591 
Longview, Texas 75606 

The inmate booking numbers can be found on the El Dorado County website under the Sheriff’s Office section.  Go to the Custody Division & Jail Information link in the menu drop down tab. 

All mail that is sent to PO Box 591, Longview, Texas 75606 for processing will NOT be returned or released.  Once the mail is processed and received electronically by the inmate it will be destroyed.  This includes pictures or anything else mailed to the processing facility.  By sending the mail to PO Box 591, Longview, Texas 75606 you agree to the items being destroyed and understand that anything you mail to PO Box 591, Longview, Texas 75606 will not be returned or reimbursed for. 

All envelopes and mail must include the inmate’s name and Sheriff’s Office booking number as well as a return address. Only mail that is within 8.5 inches wide x 11 inches tall will be accepted

Mail sent to inmates must contain NO MORE THAN 5 PAGES. Anything that is over 5 pages will NOT be sent to the inmate and will be returned to the sender. 

All mail that is entered into the system will be entered on the front side only. Do NOT write on the back of pages because only the front will be sent to the inmate. 

Inmates may receive a maximum of 1 photo per mailing. If more than 1 photo is mailed, the entire letter and all its contents will all be returned to sender, and nothing will be scanned in or delivered to the inmate. 

No legal or medical mail will be accepted. Legal and medical mail must be sent to the El Dorado County Jail facility where the inmate is housed.  

No magazines, bulk mailing, newspapers, money, or books will be accepted at PO Box 591, Longview, Texas 75606 and will be returned to the sender. These items must be sent to the facility where the inmate is housed. 

Once the mail is received for processing it will be scanned in at the central processing location. Then the mail will be sent to the inmate electronically via the same messaging system referenced above. The inmate will be able to view the mail on the kiosk or tablet in their cell. 

There will be no exceptions receiving mail that does follow the above guidelines. 

Sexual Assault Arrest

For Immediate Release
Sergeant K. Parker

On May 31, 2023 the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office received a report a dependent adult was sexually assaulted by a transportation driver employed by the El Dorado County Office of Education. EDSO Detectives, in collaboration with the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office, conducted an extensive investigation. This investigation culminated in the arrest of Tarik “Ty” Manasrah, for multiple sexual assault charges. Manasrah was employed as a special education transportation driver with the Office of Education from October 2021 to present. Manasrah has been booked into the El Dorado County Jail and is not eligible for bail. El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office Victim Witness representatives are diligently working to contact the families of those students whom Manasrah transported. Currently the criminal investigation is ongoing and anyone with additional information regarding Manasrah or this investigation is requested to contact Detective M. Sosa at (530) 642-4711 or sosam@edso.org.