Michael Lenning Arrested

For Immediate Release

Sergeant Anthony Prencipe

Yesterday, 34 year old Michael John Lenning was arrested during the service of a search warrant in Mt. Aukum.  Michael Lenning was wanted in connection with multiple stolen vehicles, burglaries and possession of stolen property.  As you know, we have been looking for Michael for some time.  The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office has been working tirelessly to track him down.  Through their hard work, detectives were able to develop the information needed to obtain a search warrant on a residence in Mt. Aukum where they suspected Michael Lenning was being harbored.  Upon arrival to the property, detectives and patrol deputies contacted several people that claimed they had no knowledge of Michael’s whereabouts.  Detectives then served the search warrant and located Michael Lenning inside the house.  Michael Lenning immediately gave up and offered no resistance.  5 additional people were arrested at the scene for harboring a fugitive.

Michael Lenning was arrested for his outstanding warrants and new charges of possession of stolen property.  His bail has been set at $450,000

Joshua Daniel Smalley -35 years was arrested for P.C. 32 (Harboring a fugitive) , P.C. 29800 (a) (1)  Felon in possession of a firearm P.C. 30305 (a) (1)  $50,000 Bail

Steven Edwin Lenning – 64 years was arrested for P.C. 32 (Harboring a fugitive)    $5,000 Bail

Jennifer Lee Sullivan – 34 years was arrested for P.C. 32 (Harboring a fugitive)    $5,000 Bail

David Lewis Bettencourt – 39 years was arrested for P.C. 32 (Harboring a fugitive)    $5,000 Bail

Michelle Monique Conant – 58 years  was arrested for P.C. 32 (Harboring a fugitive)    $5,000 Bail

Thank you to the community for the support and assistance in apprehending this man.  His crime spree has victimized people all over El Dorado County and the greater Sacramento area.

Student Arrested for having Ammo on School Grounds

For Immediate Release

Sergeant Anthony Prencipe

Today, February 21, 2018, the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office was called by staff at the Pleasant Valley Middle School regarding a student having a weapon on campus.  School administration had been informed that the student had a weapon and reacted quickly and appropriately to detain the student while waiting for the Sheriff’s Office to arrive. There appeared to be no immediate danger to the students at the school and the campus remained safe throughout the incident.

Upon arrival, deputies found that the student had possessed an Airsoft gun in his backpack and a few rounds of live ammunition in his pockets. An investigation was conducted by the Sheriff’s Office and found that the student did not make any threats to the school or other students and did not have access to any firearms. The student was arrested and booked into Juvenile Hall for possession of ammo on school grounds, California Penal Code 30310(a).

Due to the age of the student, no identification will be provided. The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office takes threats to our community, schools, and especially our children seriously. Currently, there are no other known or credible threats to Pleasant Valley Middle School or any other schools.

Homicide in Tahoma

For Immediate Release

Sergeant Anthony Prencipe

The suspicious death in Tahoma has been ruled a homicide by El Dorado County Sheriff’s Detectives. 47 year old Jeremy David Virgo was arrested for 187(a) PC- Murder. The identity of the victim will not be released until next of kin notifications have been made.