Felony Battery in El Dorado Hills

On 4/28/15 at about 6:00 PM, deputies were dispatched to a battery in progress in the 3400 block of Tah Nee Way in El Dorado Hills. The caller stated two male adults had been in a fight and one was seriously injured.

At the scene, deputies contacted the involved parties. One was inside the house and the other was outside. One person had obvious injuries that required medical attention. Medics who had staged down the street were called-in for medical aid. The adult male who was injured stated he had been punched by 54 year- old Douglas Hus.

The injured male told deputies he was at a home he and his wife just sold with a realtor when his wife drove up. His wife was followed to the home by another motorist, identified as Douglas Hus. Douglas Hus is her previous spouse. In the driveway, the victim stated Hus was confrontational with his wife and he stepped between them. During a heated exchange, Hus unexpectedly hit him.

Deputies interviewed Douglas Hus who was still at the scene. Witnesses were also interviewed and the victim’s injuries were photographed. The victim told the deputies he wanted Hus arrested.

At about 6:50 PM, deputies arrested Douglas Huss for Battery with Serious Bodily Injury, a felony, and transported to the El Dorado County Jail. He is still in custody.

Lt. Tom Murdoch

Douglas Hus


Booking photo of Douglas Hus

Suspect Arrested Following Vehicle Pursuit

On 04/26/2015, an alert El Dorado County Sheriff’s Patrol Deputy assigned to the K9 Unit spotted Abram Sassenberg, a wanted felon, driving a vehicle in Pollock Pines. Sassenberg was on Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS) and he had an active felony warrant out for his arrest. Sassenberg also had a suspended driver’s license and was not to be operating a motor vehicle.  Sassenberg refused to yield after Deputies attempted to perform a traffic stop on him so that he could be arrested and taken back into custody.

Sassenberg led Deputies on a vehicle pursuit that traveled through Camino and ended in Placerville. Deputies successfully ended the pursuit by deploying two sets of spike strips to disable the vehicle Sassenberg was fleeing in. After being stopped by the spike strips and a team of Deputies, Sassenberg was found to be in possession of ammunition, methamphetamine and a methamphetamine smoking pipe.

Sassenberg was booked into the El Dorado County Jail in Placerville on the following felony charges: 2800.2 VC, felony evading of a peace officer with a disregard for safety of persons/property, 30305(A)(1) PC, felon in possession of ammunition and 3455 PC, Post Release Community Supervision revocation. Sassenberg was also booked on the following misdemeanor charges: 11377(a) possession of methamphetamine and 11364(a) possession of narcotics paraphernalia.

Sheriff John D’Agostini’s Patrol Deputies continue to practice “total enforcement on crime and criminals” as they proactively look for wanted criminals and those violating the terms of Post Release Community Supervision in El Dorado County.

Abram Sassenberg

Abram Sassenberg

Mail Theft Arrests

On 04/16/2015, El Dorado County Sheriff Deputies assigned to the Special Enforcement Detail (SED) served two search warrants in the greater San Joaquin Valley area. Located during the search were stolen mail packages, checks, bank account information, social security numbers and related personal information needed to open accounts. It was estimated that there were 30 to 50 victims associated with this case stemming from mail thefts within El Dorado County. Arrested was 29 year-old Aman Izatt and 33 year-old Jarrod Izatt, residents of Tracy, CA. Aman and Jarrod Izatt were reportedly stealing mail while driving a white BMW. Both are in custody at the El Dorado County Jail.

On 04/21/2015, Special Enforcement Detail (SED) Deputies assisted by Sheriff’s Detectives served a search warrant in the 1600 block of Beals Road in Placerville. During the search of the property and buildings, copious amounts of stolen mail and checks were located. It was estimated that information belonging to more than 100 victims was found at the address. Also located during the search was a stolen laptop, two stolen firearms associated with a burglary in Butte County, methamphetamine, marijuana, and Oxycodone pills. Five suspects were arrested at or around the Beals Road residence; 23 year-old Mariah Schmucker, 38 year-old validated Skinhead gang member Heston Schmucker, 33 year-old Dawn Moore, 44 year-old Kendall Moore and 40 year-old Michael Watts. All were booked into the El Dorado County Jail and have been released from custody on bond.

The above search warrants and arrests are in response to an ongoing investigation into a spree of mails thefts from within the county. The mail thefts have been occurring for the past 6 months and it is believed the persons arrested are responsible for the majority of the thefts. Anyone with information concerning the mail thefts is encouraged to contact Deputy Carpenter or Deputy Miller at 530-642-4703.

Lt. Tom Murdoch

Aman Izatt


Booking photo of Aman Izatt

Jarrod Izatt


Booking photo of Jarrod Izatt

Mariah Schmucker


Booking photo of Mariah Schmucker

Heston Schmucker

Booking photo of Heston Schmucker

Dawn Moore


Booking photo of Dawn Moore

Kendall Moore


Booking photo of Kendall Moore

Michael Watts


Booking photo of Michael Watts