Move In Event

For Immediate Release

Sergeant Anthony Prencipe

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) will be assisting a member of our community this morning by moving him into a home. Keith is a Navy Veteran who was seen by one of our Patrol Sergeants picking up trash in the Safeway parking lot of Cameron Park.  When contacted, he told the Sergeant that he was cleaning up trash “because it was the right thing to do”.  That Sergeant later became the supervisor of our Homeless Outreach Team. During the course of duties, the HOT unit found that Keith had been homeless for four years. The HOT unit collaborated with Veteran Affairs, Veterans Services, Only Kindness of Placerville, and other programs to house Keith at Eskaton Lincoln Manor on Mother Lode Drive in Placerville.  Furnishings and other donations have been made to provide Keith with everything necessary to move in.

The move in event is planned for Monday, November 20, 2017, at 0900 hours, at 6600 Mother Lode Drive in Placerville.

Threat towards local High School

For Immediate Release

Sergeant Anthony Prencipe

On November 15, 2017, The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office was notified of threats made by a student, threatening the safety of Oak Ridge High School. Upon receiving this information School Resource Officers worked in conjunction with Oak Ridge High School and detectives to ensure the safety of our schools and determine if the threat was credible.  The suspect was identified and interviewed. Several witnesses were also identified and interviewed.

The suspected student was arrested for Penal Code 422(a)- criminal threats and booked into El Dorado County Juvenile Hall. Due to the suspects age, his identification will not be provided.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office takes any threats towards our schools and community seriously. Currently, there are no other known or credible threats to Oak Ridge High School or any other schools. As this threat was reported after school hours, Oak Ridge High School was not placed in lock down and classes are regularly scheduled for November 16.


Recovery of bodies in Fallen Leaf Lake

For immediate release.

Sergeant Anthony Prencipe

Bruce’s Legacy, an underwater search and recovery team from Wisconsin, came to Fallen Leaf Lake to assist The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office with a deep water search for two missing people.

The first went missing in the summer of 1996.  A 21 year old male was reported to have drowned in Fallen Leaf Lake while boating, his body was never recovered.  The second went missing in 2001.  A female was reported to have drowned in the lake and her body was also never recovered.

On August 29, 2017, Bruce’s Legacy used a Side Scan Sonar to locate several potential sites where the drowning victims could be located.  They then used an underwater rover to visibly search each of those locations.   During the search, they located the body of an adult female that was similar to that of the missing female from 2001.  The body was recovered from the lake and sent to the Sacramento County Coroner for an Autopsy.  DNA samples were sent to The California Department of Justice Crime Lab for identification.  There was no indication of foul play. We have not received the results of the DNA testing.

On October 27, 2017, El Dorado County Sheriff’s Detectives and Bruce’s Legacy returned to Fallen Leaf Lake to search for the male that went missing in 1996.  After several hours of searching, an adult male’s body was located.  The body had a rope tied around the lower portion of the legs.  A small anchor was tied to the end of the rope.

When the male body was taken from the lake, it was soon evident that it did not match the physical description of the male that went missing in 1996.  The body looked to have been in the lake for many years.  It was apparent that we had located a body that we had not known of, prior to his recovery.

The body was sent to the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office for a Forensic Autopsy.  DNA samples were sent to The California Department of Justice Crime Lab for possible identification.  At this point, the cause and manner of death has not been determined.  This is an ongoing investigation and it is not known if this is a case of homicide or suicide.

Bruce’s Legacy has continued their search for the 1996 missing male and as of this date he has not been located.

These are ongoing investigations and it could take several months to determine the identities of the bodies that were recovered.