IRS Scam

The Sheriff’s Office has received about 50 reports of an IRS phone scam that was circulating El Dorado County yesterday. The caller, usually a male, tells the person they owe the IRS money and if they don’t pay right now, a warrant will be issued for their arrest. The male caller has been reported as aggressive and threatening. Two women who received phone calls said the scammer threatened to “rape” them.

This scam is not uncommon however 50 calls in one day is excessive. If you receive a call from a scammer, please hang-up the phone and if possible, block the incoming phone number.

So far, there are no reports of anyone providing the scammer with a credit card number or bank account number.

The Sheriff’s Office reminds people to be aware of this scam and many others. If the IRS wanted to contact someone, they would send an official notice by mail.

Lt. Tom Murdoch