Rescue Home Invasion Robbery

On 12/04/15 at about 7:00 AM, sheriff’s deputies responded to a home invasion robbery in the 4500 block of Meadow Circle in Rescue. The female caller said one person had been stabbed.

At the house, deputies located three occupants, including one male who was bleeding. The three occupants were escorted to a safe place where medics could evaluate them.

Checking the rest of the house for additional victims and/or suspects, deputies noticed the house appeared to have been ransacked. In addition, marijuana was seen in almost every room. It looked like the residence and property was being used as a commercial marijuana facility to include growing, drying, processing, and packaging. No one else was located.

According to a victims, they were asleep when someone kicked-open the door to the backyard. Several people came in the house, two or possibly more, one armed with a shotgun. The suspects ordered them to turn face down and be quiet. As the suspects searched the house, they demanded the male resident tell them where the money was.

During the robbery, one of the suspects threatened the male resident with a knife. The male received several cuts, some that required stitches. He was later treated at the hospital and released. The suspects tied all three victims and left taking money and marijuana. By the time the sheriff’s office was called, the suspects had been gone for some time.

The suspects were described as possibly Hispanic, in their late 20’s to mid-30’s. One suspect was described as wearing a hoodie and some sort of a mask. They were heard talking to each other in English and Spanish.

Detectives and CSI responded and processed the scene. Anyone having information on this crime is encouraged to call the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau at (530) 642-4703.

Lt. Tom Murdoch