Stay Informed in El Dorado County

As the El Dorado County Sheriff, Coroner, Public Administrator and Deputy Director of the Office of Emergency Services, John D’Agostini has implemented a number of ways to keep you informed.

Do you want to be notified of breaking news or recent newsworthy events? Would you like to get notified of Public Information Bulletins and Public Service Announcements as they come out. The Sheriff’s new blogsite can be accessed at or through a link on the El Dorado County Sheriff’s website at or follow us on Twitter at, @eldoradosheriff

All releases of information from the four offices will be posted on the sheriffs website the sheriffs blog and the Sheriff’s Twitter account. Just as with the Sheriff’s website anyone can sign up to receive notifications via email or twitter when new information is posted to the blog. Sheriff D’Agostini is continually working towards providing the highest level of service and transparency to the community we serve and our surrounding communities.

Although we are dedicated to keeping you informed you will have to sign up for one of our methods of notification. Follow us on the blog, follow us on twitter, sign up for notifications from the website or at least register your emergency contact information at the Office of Emergency Services Emergency Notification Self Registration Portal. Through the Portal you can register to be informed of emergency notifications effecting any particular address in El Dorado county. You can be notified via any landline phone number, cellular phone number or email you list in your registration. If you have a vacation home or a loved one who lives in El Dorado County, but you live somewhere else, you will be informed of emergencies affecting the address you registered with. Learn more and access the Self Registration Portal at