In Custody Death Investigation

For Immediate Release

Lieutenant Jim Byers


On 8/27/16 at 12:24 am, Correctional Officers working in the El Dorado County Jail found inmate Dennis Renk (39 years old) unresponsive in his cell.  Renk has been in custody since November 6th, 2015, when he was arrested on charges of homicide after an altercation in Camino.

Renk was immediately treated by Correctional Officers, Jail Medical Staff, and transferred into the care of El Dorado County Fire Paramedics and he was transported to Marshall Hospital for further treatment.

The Sheriff’s Office initiated the Critical Incident Protocol, which is common with all in custody incidents of this nature.  Taking this action activates a multi-agency investigative team comprised of Sheriff Detectives, District Attorney Investigators, CHP Investigators, South Lake Tahoe PD Detectives, and Placerville PD Detectives), and provides for complete impartiality in the investigation.

At 4:13 pm, Renk was pronounced deceased by hospital staff.  The cause of his death is under investigation by the Critical Incident Protocol Team and by the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office Coroner Unit.