Plane Crashes near Swansboro Airport

A private fixed wing aircraft has crashed near the Swansboro Airport. Deputies have responded to the scene and are investigating. The airport was closed for a very short time but is currently open.
The Sheriff’s dispatch center received a call from a subject just before 7:00 PM this evening (August 16, 2014) regarding the incident. The subject advised that they had made cellular phone contact with the pilot of a private aircraft that had crashed near the Swansboro airport. Deputies immediately began to respond to the area and eventually located the accident scene a short distance from the airport.
When responding deputies arrived at the scene they discovered that the plane was occupied by two male subjects.. One of the subjects was transported by aircraft to an unknown hospital for treatment. His condition is not known at this time. The other subject was pronounced deceased at the scene. His identity is not known at this time. There were no other parties injured nor structures damaged.
Preliminary information indicates that the aircraft was headed for the Swansboro airport and intended on landing there. After circling the airport once the aircraft disappeared out of sight.
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has been advised of the incident and will be investigating the cause of the accident.
A coroners investigation has also been initiated to identify the decedent and determine the cause of his death.
At this time there is no further information regarding the incident.

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