Replica Firearms Lead to School Scare

On April 25, 2018, at approx. 0848 hours, an alert El Dorado Hills resident observed what she believed to be two young adolescent boys pointing a black handgun at each other. The resident immediately advised the Sheriff’s Office who responded to the area.  The resident said the subjects were last seen on foot in the area but their current whereabouts were unknown.  Due to the close proximity to Marina Middle School, deputies went to the school and briefed the district superintendent and vice principle.
As a precautionary measure the Marina Middle School campus was placed in a “Shelter in Place” status at approx 0912 hours while deputies continued to check surrounding neighborhoods.
At approx. 0950 hours, deputies located the involved subjects observed pointing the handgun at each other.  Deputies determined the subjects were performing martial arts gun safety and takeaway techniques with full size replica airsoft guns.  The subjects were counseled for using poor judgement conducting such realistic training in the public’s view with no regard for public awareness.
At Approx. 0956 hours, deputies advised Marina Middle School administration of the circumstances and that they could lift the “Shelter in Place” status.
Sgt. D. Lewis 3X391