Summer Emergency Preparedness Update

For Immediate Release

Lieutenant Jim Byers

Fire season is fully upon us and the Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services and Health and Human Services Emergency Preparedness would like to make sure all of our residents are prepared for this seasonal danger with some updated information.

Specifically, several of our residents have recently received notifications from PG&E about their newly instituted Community Wildfire Safety Program.

This PG&E program includes an option where during critical fire situations, power may be turned off to selected areas to prevent further fires from starting and to protect our communities.  The important thing to take away from these notifications is for those residents who were notified, to be prepared for extended power outages during fire season.  PG&E and your Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services are working closely together to make sure we have the best notification plan in place.

Equally important is that all of our residents should be prepared for extended power outages just by the very nature of where we have decided to live.  Power outages from a variety of causes could occur anywhere in our county, at any time, so be prepared!

Fire Season emergencies can happen very quickly.  The best course of action is to have a plan and be prepared.

Register for CODE RED for emergency notifications

Have an Evacuation Plan

Attend local Fire Safe Council meetings for excellent information


Establish alternate power sources to protect your residence

Join or start a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) to build community resilience.

El Dorado County is an incredibly beautiful place to live.  With this beauty come the hazards of rural living.  Our communities have shown time and time again how resilient and hardy we are when disaster strikes.  Help keep our community El Dorado County Strong!