King Fire Evacuation UPDATE

The following Voluntary Evacuation Advisories are in addition to the previous advisories and are in addition to the previously issued Mandatory Evacuation Orders:

A Voluntary Evacuation Advisory has been issued for the East side of Sly Park Road from Hwy 50 to Park Creek Road extending East to Fresh Pond. The specific roads in that area are: Ridgeway Drive, Ridgecrest Way, Darby Lane, Castlewood Circle, Rampart Court, Midway Avenue, Park Creek Road, Old Carson Road, Crystal Summit Road, Stacy Lane, Timberwood Way, Twin Mountain Road.

A second Voluntary Evacuation Advisory has been issued for the entire area of Swansboro North of the South Fork American River between Brushy Creek and Rock Creek. The specific roads in the area are: Mosquito Road – north of the American River, Rock Creek Road – east of Rock Creek, Mosquito Cutoff Road, Adams Lane, Amber Way, Buckboard Road, Buckeye Court, Cable View Court, Cedar Court, Claim Court, Claim Lane, Claim Street, Claim Terrace, Corder Court, Darr Court, Deer Canyon Court, Deer Park Drive, Dickinson Road, Dogwood Lane, Dyer Court, Dyer Way, Gold Court, Gold Trail, Gold Rock Road, Gravel Court, Gravel Road, Highgrade Street, Holiday Lane, Immerville Drive, Indian Way, Junco Court, La Paz Road, Lawyer Drive, Log Cabin Court, Log Cabin Lane, Long Gulch Court, Lupine Court, Lupine Lane, Maidu Drive, McGuire Court, Morton Court, Normas Road, Orval Beckett Court, Pawdick Court, Peycos Drive, Pine Cone Court, Pine Needle Lane, Poke Court, Ponderosa Grove Drive, Rex Court, Riffle Court,Running Quail Court, Shale Drive, Shilo Drive, Slab Creek Court, Sluice Street, Stope Court, Stope Drive, Story Lane, Swansboro Road, Trail Gulch Road, Triple R Road, Tumeli Lane, Webb Fork Road, Wildflower Court, White Oak Drive, Yankee John Court, 1 Eye Creek Court,  and Eye Creek Road

The following roads are currently closed; Forebay Road is closed at Pony Express Trail and Blair Road to include; King of the Mountain, Deep Haven Road, Alpine Villa Lane, Katydid Lane, Canyon Edge Road, Mountain Dew, Kodiak Trail, Randolph Canyon Road, Dobson Way, El Caminoi Drive, Gail Court, Bend Court, Terrance Drive, Sunshadow Drive, Bullion Bend Road, Sherman Way Court, Moon Lane, Cayman Court, Flatlander Lane, Romer Blvd. and Caprine Hill Drive.

White Meadows Road is also closed at Ice House Road.