Public Health Emergency in El Dorado County

For Immediate Release

Sergeant Anthony Prencipe

El Dorado County Sheriff John D’Agostini has declared a local emergency in El Dorado County in response to novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). This is in support with the Public Health Officer of El Dorado County and their declaration of a Public Health Emergency.

There have been no confirmed cases of coronavirus in El Dorado County.  However, due to confirmed cases in the region and a high likely hood that a case will be confirmed in El Dorado County, the El Dorado County Public Health Officer, Dr. Nancy Williams, declared a public health emergency. The declaration of a public health emergency is a prerequisite for requesting and receiving any available federal and state funding.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office wants to assure residents of El Dorado County that your safety is our priority. The Sheriff’s Office will continue to remain open and staffed during the public health emergency. We will continue to work closely with our County partners, ensuring safety and best efforts on public health while following guidelines provided by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

Attached is the press release and declaration by El Dorado County.  Residents of El Dorado County are urged to visit El Dorado County’s Public Health website for regular updates about COVID-19.

Updated March 13, 2020 at 12:15 PM with updated El Dorado County News Release