A Message from Sheriff D’Agostini

For Immediate Release

Sergeant Anthony Prencipe

“Friends and Neighbors,

Your Sheriff’s Office and I are extremely disturbed with the facts surrounding the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.  We have watched the video and understand the amount of emotion and tension that it is causing throughout the country.  We, as you, pray that justice prevails throughout that process.  We also want to assure all of you that we hold your safety and our Constitutional Rights in the utmost regard.

“Total Care” and “Total Professionalism” are two of the tenets of our Vision Statement.  Your Sheriff’s Office is here for the benefit of our community and to ensure its safety.  We have, and will continue, to do this by going above and beyond, caring for each and every person that we encounter or is in our custody. 

We will continue to train our employees and hire the best possible candidates. We know the level of trust that you put into your local law enforcement and we take our oath seriously.

The 1st Amendment guarantees the right of citizens to assemble peacefully and freedom of speech. We understand these rights.  We train about these rights and we will not infringe on those rights.  

Another tenet of our Vision Statement is “Total Enforcement on crime and criminals”. While we absolutely understand and agree with all of our rights to peacefully protest, we do not and will not condone rioting, looting, or other criminal acts which we have seen occurring in cities across the country.  We want our community to know that we will enforce the laws of our land and are prepared to protect your safety.  What I call “Protest Hackers”, those that infiltrate peaceful protests with nefarious and violent intentions, will be dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

Together, we will all get through this.  Please be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activity you observe.  This will help us help you.”

Your Sheriff,

John D’Agostini