For Immediate Release

Sergeant Eric Palmberg

Late yesterday, we were informed of an “unauthorized release of information” by the California Department of Justice (DOJ) containing personally identifiable information of California’s CCW holders as well as possible firearms Dealer Record of Sale (DROS) information and other database information related to firearms ownership.  The release was in conjunction with DOJ’s launch of its “2022 Firearms Dashboard Portal.”  The information that was released included, but was not limited to, names, ages, date of birth, and addresses of individuals who hold CCWs in California. 

After learning of the breach, Sheriffs across the State immediately began a dialogue with DOJ.  DOJ advised it had pulled the dashboard and all related links down.  DOJ officials informed us they are working with urgency to determine the scope and breadth of the information released.  DOJ has issued a statement regarding the unacceptable release of this information.  DOJ stated it will provide free credit monitoring services for individuals whose data was exposed because of this incident.

You can find DOJ’s statement and a complete list of databases that were released at the following website: 


You can also find a statement released by California State Sheriff’s Association at the following website:

California Sheriffs Issue Public Alert Following DOJ Data Breach – CSSA (calsheriffs.org)

We are extremely disappointed with DOJ and troubled over this incident.  This was an epic failure on the part of DOJ and more than a breach of information; it was a total breach of public trust. We are required by law to provide DOJ the personal information it allowed to be released, and the DOJ is required to keep that information safe. We are appalled that the lack of diligence to safeguard this personal information occurred and the violation of trust that inevitably follows. 

We will do everything in our power to hold DOJ accountable for this egregious, irresponsible release of personal information.  We value your right to keep and bear arms and your rights as citizens to privacy.  Rest assured, we will do everything possible to protect those rights.

Please be vigilant in monitoring personal account information and report any suspicious activity you encounter to us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to the CCW unit of the         El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office at (530) 621-5996.