Storm Preparation

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office OES (Office of Emergency Services) has coordinated with DOT and County Fire for sand and sandbags at the previously listed Fire Stations, to now include Station 72 in Cool. The County Fire Stations are fully stocked and we have plenty of inventory.

DOT (County Department of Transportation) will have increased staffing through life of the storm. The have people and equipment ready to go.

The local American Red Cross is prepared and on standby.

Health and Human Services has increased staffing and are ready to assist and are monitoring “fragile” county residents (elderly, etc).

JPA (ambulances) has increased their staffing and equipment levels through the life of storm.

The Sheriff’s Office EOC (Emergency Operations Center) has initiated a Level 1 activation effective today through life of storm (24 hr monitoring and coordinating with CAL OES and County Collaborators). We are prepared to go to Level 2. Shelter locations have already been identified and are ready.

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) have been placed on stand-by.

PG&E has pre-staged equipment and has extra crews ready to go.


The best prevention is to be self reliant for a few days. Make sure your rain gutters are clear and downspouts open. Secure garbage cans and Christmas decorations to keep them from becoming airborne causing injury, damage and/or obstructions. Know where your utility shut-offs are for water, electricity and gas. Have tools ready in case you need to close the valves.

Have a secondary source of heat, light, and a fully charged cellular telephone if the power and phone lines are disconnected. Make sure you have plenty of extra batteries for your phone, flashlights and lanterns.

Have a supply of water, food, toiletries, medicine, and first aid supplies for several days. A battery powered radio can be handy. Have weather proof clothing and plenty of warm dry bedding available.

Fill your vehicles with fuel and have extra available for a generator or a chainsaw. Provide shelter for any outdoor pets.

During the storm, if you can, please avoid driving. Do not go sightseeing. Watch for emergency vehicles and utility vehicles and crews. Stay away from downed trees and powerlines. Avoid flooding and/or mudslides. Do not try to drive through deep or fast moving water. Keep friends and family advised of your location, timetables, and destination(s).

Above all, please stay safe and call 911 for any emergency needs. Our non-emergency number is (530) 621-6600.

Lt. Tom Murdoch
El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office
Operations / OES