Arlette Lane Update

The two elderly victims of an assault with a deadly weapon that was reported yesterday on Arlette Lane in Diamond Springs were 80 year-old Faye Holderman and her husband 91 year-old Gerald Holderman. Fay appeared to have injuries to her head and face from being battered and Gerald underwent surgery yesterday for a possible gunshot wound. Their current medical condition is unknown.
At the scene, Sheriff’s Detectives determined there were signs of forced entry into the home but it didn’t appear to be ransacked. It is yet undetermined if anything was stolen.
The family was notified yesterday and are with the victims. They are also asking for privacy as they deal with this traumatic event.
Sheriff’s Detectives are actively working this case. If anyone has any information regarding this crime, please contact Detective Ken Barber at (530) 642-4710 or Detective James Peterson at (530) 642-4713.

Lt. Tom Murdoch