Search & Rescue – American River Canyon

On February 15, 2015, at approximately 11:00pm, a Pilot Hill resident contacted the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office to report lost hikers. The caller stated while taking out his trash, he was approached by a male unknown to him. The male reported that his girlfriend and dog was lost near the American River. Deputies responded and were unable to locate the couple and dog during their search of the area. Therefore, at approximately 2:30am, Search and Rescue (SAR) volunteers were called out to assist.
The couple’s vehicle was found at the Skunk Hollow parking lot near the Salmon Falls Bridge. At approximately 7:00am and hiking over rough terrain, SAR volunteers found the couple and dogs. All were found in good health approximately three and half miles up the American River Canyon east of the Salmon Falls Bridge. With the assistance of the SAR volunteers, the couple and the dogs were walked out to their vehicle.
According to the couple, they were day hiking on Sunday afternoon. After becoming lost on the trail, they went down to the American River and waited for help. Not having cell coverage, the male hiked out and found a homeowner who made the call for him. The male (in his 40’s) was from Roseville and the female (also in her 40’s) was from the Folsom area. The couple did not want to be identified or interviewed by members of the media.
Sheriff D’Agostini is grateful for the dedication and perseverance of the Search and Rescue volunteers. They are a great asset to the Sheriff’s Office and the community in which they serve.

By: Sgt. Chris Felton