Suspicious Subject

On 05/18/15 at about 9:30 AM, a deputy was dispatched to the Pine Top Montessori School in Pollock Pines regarding a suspicious occupied vehicle. The school reported a White Male Adult came onto school grounds and told employees they were teaching the children how to become terrorists. The male was seen driving a white Volvo sedan.

On the deputy’s arrival, the individual and the vehicle were gone. The male, described as about 55 years-old, 6’ tall, with an average build, and gray hair had contacted staff asking what type of nationalities were present at the school. The male claimed that college students were being taught how to join ISIS and that Chinese people are terrorists. When the male returned to his car, staff called the Sheriff’s Office.

After calling EDSO, the male re-approached the front door of the school and found it locked. He knocked and asked to enter but the staff refused. The subject returned to his vehicle and drive away. No students reportedly came in contact with him.

Anyone who has information regarding this person or vehicle is encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office. Please call our office number at (530) 621-5655 or send us an email at

Lt. Tom Murdoch