Shoulder Surfing in Placerville

On 07/06/15 at about 12:15 PM, deputies responded to the Bank of America off Missouri Flat Road regarding suspicious activity. It was reported that two African American Adults, one male and the other female, were possibly “shoulder surfing” bank customers at the ATM. Shoulder surfing is where criminals attempt to see a potential victim’s PIN number while they are using the teller machines.

In the parking lot, deputies contacted the subjects. One gave an address of San Francisco and the other Vallejo. Both subjects matched the description of a Fraud Alert Bulletin that was distributed by the Bank. There had been similar reports of the same individuals shoulder surfing in Rocklin and Grass Valley. After reviewing the local ATM video, deputies were unable to confirm if a crime had occurred here and released them. Their identifying information however will be shared with other law enforcement agencies to aid with on-going investigations.

Anyone using an ATM is advised to use caution. Do not use an ATM or enter your personal identification number if someone is loitering nearby. If you see anyone acting strangely or lingering around an ATM, please contact your local law enforcement.

Lt. Tom Murdoch