Suspicious Package

On 08/17/15 at about 3:30 PM, the Sheriff’s Office Explosive Ordinance Detail (EOD) was called to assist patrol deputies with a suspicious package discovered near the Bank of America off Park Drive in El Dorado Hills. The item was a clear 5 gallon plastic container containing a yellowish liquid with grey streaks, capped by a rubber glove that was taped over the top. There looked to be smoke or some kind of chemical reaction going on inside of the container and that the container was melting or previously burnt. Vehicle traffic in the area was limited to emergency vehicles only and the bank and nearby businesses were asked to evacuate as a precaution. The Fire Department was staged nearby. A male subject was reportedly seen running from the location.

EOD used their robot to inspect the item. It looked like more of a chemical hazard than an explosive device. The robot moved the container to a safer location and asked Environmental Management to respond.

El Dorado County Environmental Management arrived and conducted tests. The liquid was deemed not to be hazardous. A male was temporarily detained by deputies but was released. By almost 7:00 PM, the area was deemed safe.

Lt. Tom Murdoch