El Dorado County Sheriff’s Crime Mapping Feature

El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office

Crime Mapping Program

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office would like to highlight a very informative and useful feature on our website, our Crime Mapping feature operated thorugh CrimeReports™.  While this feature has been on our website for several years, we feel it is a great resource for our citizens, and we want to remind you about how to utilize it.

The Crime Mapping Program is a link that takes you to the CrimeReports™ website.  This website is a nationwide website that has an established datalink to our Records Management System.  Every 24 hours, CrimeReports™ receives updated information from the Sheriff’s Office and maps out where incidents have occurred.  The program also shows registered sex offender information and has advanced search features that allow searches over timeframes set by the user.

To observe activity in El Dorado County, you simply click on the “Crime Mapping” link on the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office website, which takes you to the CrimeReports™ website.  Once on the website, you may need to enter “El Dorado County” into the search bar and click the search symbol to see activity in our county.  Once you have El Dorado County as your page, you simply click on an icon to see where and what the recent activity was, or click on the “Show Details” box for a summary of all incidents currently posted.

You can complete advanced searches, set up an email alert for activity, see details of incidents, and submit crime tips.

We hope this information will assist in keeping our citizens informed and educated to criminal activity in their neighborhoods and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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