Sand Fire Road Closures

We have been advised that there is some false information being distributed regarding the current Sand Fire Road Closures.

The following are a list of current road closures:

  • The closure at E-16 (Mt. Aukum Rd.) and Fairplay Road is moved south to Lone Barn Rd. (near D’Agostini pond).
  • The closure at E-16 and the County Line has been moved to E-16 and Brinkwood Rd. To prevent the use of back roads to circumnavigate the closure, a traffic unit is assigned to Flat Creek Rd at Bertone Rd.
  • Sandridge Rd. at Highway 49 is closed.
  • The tclosure at Sandridge Rd.and Bucks Bar Road has been moved closer to Sandridge Rd. and Deerhaven Rd. (near the end of the paved road). The road is open from Bucks Bar Rd. to this closure on Sandridge Rd.

Some evacuation orders have been changed and some still remain in effect.

Below are listed the changes as reported by Cal Fire

​Cal Fire ​
NEWS RELEASE Date: Monday July 28, 2014
Time: 12:00 p.m.
Media Information Line: (916) 800-2311

The following areas remain under an Evacuation Order:
• Flat Creek Rd.
• Brinkwood Rd.
• Painted Pony Rd.
• Higgins Rd.
• Twin Rivers Rd. and all connecting roads.
Residents returning to the area may be required to show identification and proof of residency. CAL
FIRE encourages residents returning to the area to drive safely and watch for fire equipment and
firefighter activity within those affected areas.

Evacuation Order reduced to Evacuation Warning​ in the following areas of Amador County and El Dorado County as listed below​

Amador County:
• Hwy 49/Bell Rd., Courier Rd. Shenandoah Rd. and Upton Rd.

El Dorado County:
• All of Upton Rd., Jaybird, D’Agnostini, Bertone, Squirrel Hollow, and Rabbit

Evacuation Order cancelled​
in the following areas of El Dorado County as listed below​

• Deer Haven/Sand Ridge East to Somerset, Buzzard’s Gulch, Van Pooka, and La
• All areas/roads East of E16/Mt. Aukum Dr., between Coyote Junction to Gray’s

Evacuation Warning cancelled ​ ​
in the following areas of El Dorado County as listed below​

• San Ridge Road/Morning Canyon to Gorge View to Horseshoe Bend to Gray’s
Corner to E16/Mt., Aukum Rd. to Buck’s Bar/Sand Ridge Rd.
At 10:00 this morning, all evacuations warnings for the area of Outingdale Community have been
rescinded. All homes East of E16 (Mt Aukum Rd.)​
open for residents to return.
Traffic Control Point remain at the following locations:
• Sand Ridge Rd. at Deerhaven
• E16 at Lone Barn
• E16 at Brinkwood
• Flat Creek at Bertone