Successful Search and Rescue at Eagle Falls

On July 27, 2014 at 1800 hours EDSO received a report of an injured female several miles from Emerald Bay Road and the Eagle Falls trailhead. The reporting party informed us that a 29 year old female was lost, off the trail east of Jakes Peak, with an injury to her leg.

EDSO Search and Rescue Volunteers, under the direction and coordination of a Deputy Sheriff / SAR coordinator hiked into the forest and located the female. The hike consisted of cross country navigation through thick vegetation, over rock bound cliffs, and up steep mountain sides. By now in full darkness the hiker was located, her injury assessed and first aid provided. The injury appeared to be a lower leg fracture and carrying her out by hand was ruled out as to risky. A helicopter extraction was needed.

A request for assistance was made and Washoe County Sheriff’s Air Operations, and the helicopter “Raven” answered the call. Just after midnight on July 28, 2014 Raven extricated the female, who was transferred to Barton Hospital for medical treatment.

EDSO appreciates the assistance of the Washoe County Helicopter Raven and her crew in this successful operation.

Sgt. M. Seligsohn