Boy Injured While Target Shooting

On Saturday August 30, 2014 the Sheriff’s Dispatch center received information from Cal-Fire that a 7 year boy had been injured while target practicing. While responding to the scene Deputies were advised that the boy had been transported by helicopter to a hospital in Sacramento.

Upon their arrival at the Georgetown Fire station deputies learned that while visiting their property in Georgetown a family from the bay area was shooting targets at a shooting range they had constructed on their property. Two people were shooting rifles at tragets on the range on the property at the same time. The targets were approximately 40 yards away from the shooters. Multiple family members were behind the shooters watching them. A seven year old boy was one of the shooters on the range and was shooting a single shot .22 caliber bolt action youth rifle, with the help of his father. The other subject was an adult male and was shooting a larger caliber rifle. Both shooters were the same distance from the targets and a few yards to each others side.
The guns were always pointed down range in a safe manner and never pointed at any of the people at the location. Nobody shooting or watching noticed any ricochets at the time however at some point while they were shooting the 7 year old grabbed his chest and complained of pain. His father was right there with him and checked his chest to see that the boy had a small hole in his t-shirt and was bleeding from his chest, behind the hole in the t-shirt. The boys father imediately transported the boy to the Georgetown fire station were he was picked up by a helicopter and transported to a hospital in the Sacramento area. His condition is not known at this time.

Detectives were assigned and have initiated an investigation to determine how the boy received his injuries.