Homicide in Somerset

For Immediate Release

Sergeant Simon Brown

At about 10:15 AM on 5/2/19, the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a report of a possible homicide on Meyers Lane in a rural area of Somerset. A female called from a neighbor’s house and stated her daughter had been shot by her boyfriend, Ulrich Smith. Smith’s whereabouts were unknown at the time, but he was believed to possibly still be at the residence.

EDSO deputies and SWAT surrounded the home and were able to make contact with Smith inside. During the course of conversations and negotiations with Smith, EDSO confirmed he was still armed and he was refusing to exit the home. At about 5:30 PM, EDSO heard a gunshot and found Smith deceased with a self inflicted gunshot wound. While clearing the home, EDSO found Janet Trigg, who was also deceased.

Members of EDSO have worked through the night to complete a thorough investigation. Next of kin notifications have been made.

Ulrich Smith