King Fire Evacuation updates 09/17/14 @ 0800


This is an update from the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office regarding the evacuation status of the following areas.

Voluntary evacuations listed for Gold Ridge Trail area are lifted as of 0750 hours:

Amber Trail, Bourbon Street, Easy Street, Gold Ridge Trail, Greenleaf Lane, Hazel Street, Jade Court, Jade Drive, Leaf Circle, Mayflower Road, Mica Court, Midway Avenue, Misery Lane, Onyx Trail, Raccoon Trail, Ridgeway Drive (east of Easy Street), Rocky Court, Roland Court, Ruby Court, Sanchez Drive, Sesame Street, Sly Park Road (west side, Hwy 50 to Gold Ridge south), Spirit Lane, Teal Lane, Toboggan Road, Topaz Drive, Upper Topaz Drive, Zinc Drive, Zircon Drive.


Mandatory Evacuations for the Upper Ridgeway and Fresh Pond Areas have been reduced to a Voluntary Evacuation Advisement:
Bullion Bend Road, Bend Court, Bramble Road, Castlewood Circle, Centerview Court, Centerview Drive, Crystal Summit Road, Darby Lane, Dirt Road Lane, Frontier Road, Hazel Valley Road, Midway Avenue, Mill Run, Old Carson Road, Park Creek Road, Pony Express Trail (east of Sly Park Road), Rampart Court, Ridgecrest Way, Ridgeway Drive (east of Sly Park), Tall Grass, Stacy Lane, Sunset Drive, Timberwood Way, Twin Mountain Road.