King Fire Evacuation update 09/17/14 @1030

King Fire evacuation update 09/17/14 @1100

This is an update from the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office regarding the Evacuation/Repopulation status of the following area(s)

Forebay Area

Partial Re-Population

Forebay Road (south of Moon Lane), Alpine Villa Lane, Canyon Edge Road, Caprine Hill Trail, Cayman Court, Deep Haven Road, El Camino Drive, Flatlander Lane, Gail Court, Katydid Lane, King of the Mountain Court,  King of the Mountain Drive, Kodiak Trail, Moon Lane, Mountain Dew, Romer Boulevard, Sherman Court, Sherman Way, Sunshadow Drive, Terrace Drive.

King Fire: Evacuation-Initial Voluntary (West of Forebay)

Lifted: 09/17/2014 @ 1100 hours

Agra Street, Applemont Ranch Road, Apple Creek Court, Axle Street, Balsam Court, Balsam Drive, Baltimore Road, Blair Road, Chickaree Lane, Cinnamon Lane, Delsman Drive, Dogwood Lane, Drop Off Road, Elkhorn Mill Road, Farview Drive, Fir Drive, Hardy Lane, Holderegger Lane, Hub Street, Joni Court, Kimberley Lane, Laurel Court, Laurel Drive, Long Creek Trail, Loyal Lane, Lucky Mine Road, Maple Drive, Maple Street, Marjorie Way, Nature Lane, Natural Way, North Street, Oisin Lane, Old Blair Mill Road, Patrick Lane, Piazza Court, Pine Court, Pine Street, Pinewood Court, Pinewood Lane, Polaris Street, Pony Bob Drive, Primrose Lane, Quick Silver Court, Quick Silver Road, Red Hook Trail, Rim Street, Ritz Road, Sanders Drive, Silver Tip Lane, Spoke Street, Stellar Lane, Wheel Street, Willow Street.

Still under Mandatory Evacuation:

Forebay Road (north of Moon Lane), Homestead, Randolph Canyon Road

El Dorado County Air Quality Management District (530) 621-7501

Red Cross Shelter 3520 Carson Road, Camino (916) 204-5268

Cal Fire Hotline (530) 647-5218

Animal Control Issues (530) 621-5795

Animal Shelter (530) 621-7631

El Dorado County Fire Hotline (530) 642-7263

For fire info.