Country Club Drive Shooting Update

The suspect from this morning’s shooting on Country Club Drive was booked into the El Dorado County Jail by detectives. Joseph Hinds of Cameron Park has been charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Domestic Violence. He is currently in custody on $75,000 bail.
Lt. Tom Murdoch


Country Club Drive Shooting

At approximately 0236 hours, the Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding a shooting that just occurred at a residence in the 2600 block of Country Club Drive in Cameron Park. At the scene, deputies located 54 year-old David Klinker in the residence with a gunshot to the abdomen. Klinker received medical treatment at the scene and was transported to a hospital where he is in surgery. He is expected to survive.
Deputies learned the shooting stemmed from a domestic dispute between the married couple who live in the residence. Sometime during the event the wife called her father for help. Her father is David Klinker. After Klinker arrived, he was shot by the husband. The exact circumstances of how the shooting occurred are currently under investigation.
The husband was identified as 33 year-old Joseph Hinds. Hinds was not at the residence when deputies arrived. By 0435 hours, he was located at an uninvolved residence in El Dorado County and was taken into custody without incident. The handgun allegedly used in the shooting was also recovered.
About a half block of Country Club Drive in Cameron Park was closed this morning as detectives and crime scene investigators processed the area for evidence. No person’s outside of the immediate family were involved. Joseph Hinds is cooperating with detectives however is potentially facing criminal charges.
Lt. Tom Murdoch
If Joseph Hinds is booked into the jail, an update will be posted to include a booking photo.

EDSO Awards Ceremony 2014

On February 20th, 2015, Sheriff John D’Agostini hosted the 2014 Sheriff’s Office Awards Ceremony at the American Legion Hall. During the ceremony, employees of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office were honored and recognized for their exemplary actions and public service. Some of these actions occurred under hazardous and even life threatening circumstances.

The circumstances or acts of service that contributed to the recipients receiving their awards were read aloud for all in attendance to hear. This was a special evening as many people heard for the first time many of the highlights of the work the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office set out to do on a daily basis. The ceremony was well attended by colleagues and community members in addition to family and friends of the award recipients. Dignitaries included District II Supervisor Shiva Frentzen, District III Supervisor Brian Veerkamp, and Superior Court Judge Vicki Ashworth. We at the Sheriff’s Office appreciate our community for their support as we announce the recipients of this year’s awards below.

Officer of the Year – Deputy Ryan Carpenter

Correctional Officer of the Year – Correctional Sgt. Terrell Green

Employee of the Year – Sheriff’s Technician Maryann Lillemo

Team of the Year – Explosives Ordinance Detail – Sgt. Moke Auwae, Deputy Mike Ford, Deputy Jared Melton, Deputy Anthony Prencipe

Dispatcher of the Year – Dispatcher Samantha Humphrey

Civilian Supervisor of the Year – Dispatch Supervisor Cortney Barbot

Silver Medal of Valor – Deputy Mike Ford, Deputy Anthony Prencipe, Deputy Ryan Carpenter, K9 Deputy Sean Gillespie, Deputy Bryan Payne, Deputy Blake Alvarez, Deputy Michael Elledge

Bronze Lifesaving Medal – Deputy Bryan Payne

Distinguished Service Award – Deputy Stephen Wunschel, Sheriff’s Security Officer Michele King, Deputy Kyle Parker, Deputy Jordan Thomson, Deputy Marcus DeVaney, Sgt. Mike Vissiere, Sgt. Gary Parker

Certificate of Commendation – Lt. James Byers, Deputy James Morgan, Deputy Jordan Thomson, Deputy Russ Adams, Deputy Tim Peterson, Sgt. Kelly Clark, K9 Deputy Michael Roberts, K9 Deputy Stephen Coburn, Correctional Officer Lonnie Grover, Dispatcher Samantha Humphrey

Letter of Commendation – Lt. Bryan Golmitz, Sgt. Jeff Leikauf, Detective Paul Kuhn, Detective Nolan Tracy, Radio Communications Manager Frank Yost, Deputy Ryan Carpenter, Correctional Officer Jordan Donahue, Correctional Cook Jeanette Shippee, Correctional Cook Hugo Lizaola, Correctional Cook Robert Huntsman, Correctional Cook Steve Beck, Detention Aide Galen Miller, Senior Sheriff’s Technician Serena Wilke

10 Year Service Pin – Detective Simon Brown, Detective Lance Bryant, Detective Jeramy Buckman, Deputy Steve Casper, Detective John Conley, Detective Sgt. Ed Falkenstein, Correctional Officer Jason Ford, K9 Deputy Sean Gillespie, Sheriff’s Technician Joann Heimberg, Deputy Shane Humbird, Correctional Officer Sandy Jones, Deputy Sonny Piazza, Senior Dispatcher Kristina Ruller, Correctional Officer Willie Shamas, Detective Mark Zlendick

15 Year Service Pin – Detective Sean Fitzgerald, Correctional Sgt. Stephen Kowalczyk, Sheriff’s Technician Sylvia Meza, Correctional Officer Gary Mitchell, Crime Analyst Christina Novello

20 Year Service Pin – Property/Evidence Technician Karen Becker, Correctional Sgt. Raymond Bedford, Lt. James Byers, Correctional Officer Cynthia Gilmer, Senior Dispatcher Debbie Green, Sgt. Darin Lewis

25 Year Service Pin – Personnel Technician Terri Friedl, Deputy Walt Thornton, Captain Andy Wishart

30 Year Service Pin – Correctional Lt. Pam Lane, Department Systems Analyst Lori Lucius

35 Year Service Pin – Lt. Tim Becker

Retirement Plaques – Lt. Pete Van Arnum, Correctional Cook Cindy LaRue, Correctional Officer Don Moseley, Deputy Troy Wright, Correctional Sgt. Carol Armstrong, Deputy Barbara Daniel, Deputy Aaron Small, Correctional Sgt. Bryan Lake, Deputy Mike Silvestri, Correctional Officer Tony Jemmott, Correctional Cook Robert Grijalva, Correctional Sgt. Chris Koontz, Detective Damon Taylor, Deputy Mitch Martin, Detention Aide Pam Kovalcheck, Dispatch Supervisor Lynn Phillip

Pictured L to R: Correctional Sgt. Terrell Green and Sheriff John D'Agostini

Pictured L to R: Correctional Sgt. Terrell Green and Sheriff John D’Agostini

Pictured L to R: Sheriff's Technician Maryann Lillemo and Sheriff John D'Agostini

Pictured L to R: Sheriff’s Technician Maryann Lillemo and Sheriff John D’Agostini

Pictured L to R: Deputy Jamey Morgan, Deputy Jordan Thomson, Deputy Ryan Carpenter, Communications Manager Frank Yost, Sgt. Jeff Leikauf, Lt. Bryan Golmitz and Lt. James Byers

Pictured L to R: Deputy Jamey Morgan, Deputy Jordan Thomson, Deputy Ryan Carpenter, Radio Communications Manager Frank Yost, Sgt. Jeff Leikauf, Lt. Bryan Golmitz and Lt. James Byers