Update – Missouri Flat Road Death Investigation

Aug 18, 2014 – 0800 hours

EDSO Patrol responded to a field southeast of Missouri Flat Road and US Highway 50 yesterday at about 4:30 pm where a citizen had found human remains. A full investigation was launched by responding deputies. Four EDSO Homicide detectives as well as Coroner’s detectives and a Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) Team responded to the scene. The investigation continued at that location until nearly 10:00pm. At this time the female’s identity has not been established, and a cause of death remains undetermined. An autopsy will be conducted on a priority basis. The investigation is ongoing.

Swansboro Plane Crash – Update

Perry Nieland, aged 52 years, of San Jose ,California is deceased following the August 16, 2014 aircraft accident in Swansboro. His brother Richard Nieland, 55 years, also of San Jose, was injured in this incident as well. It is unknown who was piloting the aircraft at the time of the accident.

Death Investigation Near Missouri Flat Road

At about 4:30pm today EDSO Central Dispatch received a report from a passerby that a body was located in an open field southeast of the intersection of Missouri Flat Road and US Highway 50. Patrol deputies responded and located the partially decomposed remains of a female. At this hour Deputy Sheriffs and Detectives are on scene conducting an investigation of this suspicious situation. The EDSO Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Unit has been called. Information regarding the circumstances of this death and the identity of the decedent is unknown at this hour.