Logging Employee Identified

The logging employee killed Wednesday morning in the El Dorado National Forest has been identified as 55 year-old Jeffrey Jones of Lincoln. Jones was working at a logging operation off of Wentworth Springs Rd. when he sustained fatal injuries from a log that fell from his trailer and struck him in the head.

Tahoe Plane Crash Update

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office has identified the two occupants that were located inside of a plane that crashed in a South Lake Tahoe neighborhood on October 10, 2015. With the assistance of a forensic odontologist the occupants were identified as 73 yr. old Conrad Yu of Oakley, Ca. and 66 yr. old Mary Choy of San Francisco, Ca. Yu was the owner and pilot of the plane that crashed. NTSB and the FAA continue their investigation in order to determine the cause of the crash.

Deceased Inmate Identified

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office is releasing the identity of the male inmate that was found deceased in his jail cell on September 19 at the El Dorado County Jail. The inmate has been identified as Lawrence Spies (34). Spies had been arrested on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and was found with an item tied to the top bunk in his cell and around his neck.