Rumors of Active Shooter Unsupported

For Immediate Release

Sergeant Eric Palmberg

There has been a lot of discussion in recent days about a potential active shooter incident in our community in El Dorado Hills.

We want to dispel those rumors based on information obtained in the now complete investigation.

On Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., EDSO was called for a report of suspicious shots fired in El Dorado Hills in an open field area east of Town Center. The reporting party, (RP), said he had heard several gunshots in the area, so he went to investigate. The RP made contact with an adult male that was in possession of several firearms to include rifles with scopes. While speaking with the male, he said he wanted to shoot one more round, and he fired one shot from a rifle into a large dirt berm. The male then brandished a handgun and pointed it at the RP. The male told the RP he needed to leave, and he made some type of suicidal statement.

The RP left the area and called EDSO. EDSO set a perimeter and attempted to make contact with the male safely by using air resources. Upon EDSO’s response the male was observed motionless and no shots were fired while EDSO was on scene. Ultimately, deputies contacted the male subject who was deceased. A total of five firearms were located in the area, three of which were rifles. Approximately eight empty shell casings were located on scene. Further investigation revealed the male may have fired shots into a sign and a signpost in the area of Joerger Cutoff Road.

On Thursday EDSO received a report from a citizen that was driving in the area at the time of the incident. The citizen believed their vehicle may have been struck by a bullet. The location on the car, as reported by the citizen, was a plastic piece in the lower portion of the vehicle and not in the area of the passenger compartment. The car was inspected and the evidence was insufficient and neither confirmed nor denied the damage was caused by a bullet or related to the incident. Based on EDSO’s investigation on scene, as well as our contact with the male’s family, we have no reason to believe the now deceased male had any intention of harming any EDC citizens.

EDSO Bald Eagle Monument

For Immediate Release

Sergeant Eric Palmberg

Today, El Dorado County Sheriff John D’Agostini spoke at the unveiling of the Bald Eagle Monument at The Sheriff’s Office facility in Placerville.  Sheriff D’Agostini explained the 10-year history and inspiration behind the Bald Eagle sculpture, which was created by artist Georg Schmerholz. Sheriff D’Agostini and his wife Janine were inspired by Georg’s work and upon seeing one of Georg’s Eagle sculptures Sheriff D’Agostini knew a Bald Eagle sculpture had a “Perfect Significance”.  Sheriff D’Agostini worked with Georg to, “Come up with a long lasting, significant monument to the agency, the employees of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office and the Community we serve”.

Sheriff D’Agostini believed the El Dorado County taxpayers should not be responsible to pay for the sculpture and that it should be paid for with private donations.  Bill Roby at The El Dorado Community Foundation agreed to manage the funds for the fundraising effort.  These efforts were blessed with generous and benevolent donations from individuals, families, businesses, and various other groups.  

Once the project was officially started Georg began his work of creating 3D renderings and later casting bronze and welding it to a stainless-steel frame. Once the welds were ground and sculpted, patina was applied to create the finished product.  The process to create this magnificent sculpture took two years to complete.  Sheriff D’Agostini referred to the completion of this immense project and today’s event as the “Crowning Glory”. 

Sheriff D’Agostini spoke of what the Bald Eagle has represented historically.  He used words such as strength, integrity, rugged individualism, unity, and that the Bald Eagle is a symbol of our great nation.  To Sheriff D’Agostini the Bald Eagle Monument represents many things not only in our nation, but here in our El Dorado County community. 

Sheriff D’Agostini said,

“The outstretched wings symbolize protection for our agency, our employees, our families and our community.

The all-seeing eyes symbolize that we are always being watched, always being held to a higher standard and to conduct ourselves accordingly

and also that we are always watching over our community,

doing everything in our power to keep it safe.

And the claws,

swift judgement for those who would seek to harm anyone in our community

and also, to daily remind our own, never to cross the line or violate our vision or oath”.

Sheriff D’Agostini hopes others see the same things he sees and believe in the same things this eagle represents.  Sheriff D’Agostini thanked the generous donors and the citizens for their presence today and he closed by stating “…We dedicate this monument to the men and women of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office, our families and the citizens of El Dorado County”.